Our Data API

Satellite Data On Demand

You will be able to use familiar development tools to connect with our API and request all kinds of satellite data. No rocket science degree required!


  • Use HTTP calls to request data
  • Get notified when it is available
  • Download when you need it

All kinds of data will be available: terrestrial and celestial imagery, radio signals and more. Use our API to create all kind of mobile and web applications.

Data Types

  • Earth Imagery
  • Astronomical Observations
  • AIS and ADS-B Signals

Our Data API

How It Works


Application Examples

Earth Observation

The immediate and simplest possible application is image aquisition for a specific target on specific date and time. It works as following: you pick an imaging camera and select a spot to observe - then get times of target passes and schedule imager actions. The final step is donwloading image data when it becomes available.

Signals Processing

There are plenty of transmissions that you can listen to from space. Software-Defined Radio instrument will allow you to select modulation, frequency and coding scheme. You can then record and decode variety of signal sources - ADS-B and AIS for aircraft or maritime traffic, mobile or stationary IoT assets and amateur radio communications.

Space Astronomy

Did you know that Earth observation cameras are also capable of astronomical observations? With our satellite platform, you will be able to use it as the space telescope. The basic principle is the same as pointing the satellite camera to the ground, but with more options to choose. Select an imaging instrument, point it at celestial object and shoot.

Our Data API