About Our Platform

Tier 1: Our Data API

  • Select Instrument - pick a tool to use from the list of available instruments
  • Schedule Action - select the time and place for your activities to be taken
  • Download Data - get your data when it becomes available, in the format you need

Tier 2: Your App in Space

  • Upload Code - develop, test and upload your software to our satellite in Earth orbit
  • Take Control - control satellite payload instruments and its flight computer.
  • Run Mission - perform science experiments and become a true space explorer!


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Tier 1

Use our imaging API to get just-in-time satellite data!

Tier 2

Deploy your app on our satellite and have full set of its features available


Our Team

Dennis Silin

Chief Executive Officer

Edmond Tasellari

Sales and Finance

Paul Le Henaff

Systems Engineer

Bojan Seirovski

Software Engineer