In 2020, we will launch the first crowd-flyable satellite.

Upload Code

We will provide the means for you to develop, test and upload your own code to the real satellite - on the ground and in orbit.

Take Control

Take direct control over the flight computer, payload instruments and other satellite subsystems through our mission interface.

Run Missions

Perform Earth observation experiments or learn how to design software for satellite subsystems. Become a true space explorer!

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Our first satellite


Our first satellite will be a CubeSat built from off-the-shelf components. The core features of this accelerated development, minimal risk mission are:

  • 3U chassis
  • 500km Sun-synchronous orbit
  • VHF, UHF, and S-Band Communications


Users will be able to perform optical Earth observation and satellite operation missions, as they will gain access to:

  • Optical Imager (50 m/px Resolution)
  • Dedicated On-Board Computer
  • Three-Axis Attitude Control Subsystem


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